About BitcoinMining

Bitcoin Mining is affordable and easy-to-use cloud mining service. We have the cheapest source of renewable electricity in the world.If you’re looking to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum, We are a great choice, allowing you to mine cryptocurrencies without owning any equipment.


Ultimate performance at low cost

World Wide Service

Servicing over 561,821 + customers from 100+ countries

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

We are offering 10+ minable cryptocurrencies.

How Bitcoin Mining Works?

Learn about our work process. You need to follow the steps below to earn your first USDT


Connect Your wallet

Connect your wallet and get ready for earning


Claim Reward

Claim 300 usd to start with and test our hashpower.


Start Earnining

Now you are ready to mine! Mining will start automatically after connect your wallet without any action required.


Withdraw Profits

You will receive coin in your designated wallet every day. Then you can Withdraw or choose to reinvest to earn more.

Our Special Features

BitcoinMining exists to improve your systematic trading profitability and to help you succeed at a career in quantitative finance.And you don't need to learn any complicated financial trading skills, all of this is done by our expert team.


As we run our business in 100+ countries we have a multilingual feature in your system.

Easy Payment System

We have 20+ payment methods in our system. You can easily complete your payment.

Daily Get Profit

Our system will automatically add your daily profit to your account. Also, you are able to withdraw that amount.

Secure and Private

We support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, so we try to keep user data collected to a minimum and will only require information.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our system dashboard contains all your crypto trading data and charts.

Smart Quantitative Trading Strategy

BitcoinMining firmly believes in a scientific, hypothesis-driven and repeatable risk-managed process for carrying out systematic trading research and implementation.


Here you can find our top frequently asked questions. Please let us know if you have any queries regarding our mining platform and FAQs.

You need to purchase at least one plan. The machines are managed by us, so you don't need to learn anything. You need to deposit first then click "Buy plan" to active the plan. After purchased, the plan will take effect in 24 hours automaticlly.The output will be settled every 24 hours, and you can withdraw it at any time.

We only accept cryptocurrency, such as: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC and other crypto currencies. Deposit process: Deposit - select the crypto currencies - enter the amount - pay for it

Click “My Account” to fill in the USDT wallet address first, click "Withdraw Now" to withdraw, we will process it for you as soon as possible after receiving your request(within 24 hours). The USDT withdrawal fee is $1 each time. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

There is no any hidden terms and additional.After you purchase a plan, we promise not to charge you any fees.

we implement 100% no quibble refund policy

We are a legal company called COIN LIST BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED"Company number 14073067"The UK government has granted us the following operating licenses: Nature of business (SIC) 64205 - Activities of financial services holding companies 64301 - Activities of investment trusts 64304 - Activities of open-ended investment companies 64991 - Security dealing on own account. You can view our financial situation through the following links to the UK government website